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Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Sixth Annual "Art @ the Rock" Festival


General Information

Art at the Rock logoRock Eagle 4-H Center located in Eatonton, Georgia, will host Art @ the Rock on November 22 and 23, 2014. The center is conveniently located within an hour of Macon, Athens, Augusta and Atlanta (directions). The festival will be open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m on Saturday and from 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Sunday. Join us at Sunday Lunch then spend the afternoon enjoying local artists!

Artists will display inside under the covered area of the GEMC Building and Senior Pavilion. The Marketplace adjacent to the Pavilion will feature home grown and hand made items.

Food and beverages will be available throughout the show grounds offering a variety of tempting foods. Affordable housing and entertainment will be provided for artists who would like to stay on the center Friday and/or Saturday night.

Come and be a part of this event and help us grow!


Accepted Artists




Art @ the Rock is a product of the growth of the annual Sunset Farm Art Festival held near Madison, Georgia. Artists and customers of this local festival have moved to Rock Eagle to accommodate the tremendous growth of this popular festival. Our roots are in UGA Cooperative Extension, but our scope is wide and our vision is even wider!




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Artist Awards

Artist Awards were well received in 2013 and we are excited to say we will offer a cash prize along with ribbons to Best in Show, 1st, and 2nd place in 2014. Honorable Mention ribbons will also be awarded.



4-H and Youth Exhibit

Art @ the Rock benefits Georgia 4-H and is offering youth the opportunity to showcase their talent during the show. A youth exhibit will be on display during the 2014 Art @ the Rock.

Youth Application for 2014

*You must complete registration through your local 4-H office online*


Featured Artist

The 2014 Featured Artist is Len Jagoda of Waverly Hall, Ga. His sculpture won Best of Show in the 2013 Art at the Rock artists’ competition.

Jagoda’s talent earned him a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art. However, Uncle Sam had a different “scholarship” program that preempted his art studies. Following his military career, he returned to school on the GI Bill, but majored in business instead of art. Although he spent the next 30 years in the business world, he continued to be deeply involved with animals. He bred and trained horses, rode hunter jumpers andalthough he even had a couple on the track, heproclaims that delivering foals is the most thrilling equine event.

His passion and compassion for dogs continued as well. Over time, he and his wife have adopted or rescued more than 37 dogs, four cats, a goat and a llama. Jagoda believes that St. Francis of Assisi has a duty station around their farm where he guides lost, sick or homeless animals to them. This familiarity with animals speaks to his subject preferences.

Jagoda commented, “Underlying my portrayal of animals is my belief that all animals have real emotions and not just instincts. I want that belief to come through in my work.

“My goal is not to present just a likeness, but rather a piece that speaks to you — conveying more than just an image. Art should have the ability to move you. It should have an effect on your emotions. It may touch your heart, bring excitement, tell a story or draw a moment from your memory. Every portrait should reflect the subject’s personality, not just a likeness. Achieving this separates a meaningful work of art from just a picture.”

Since his first entry in competitions in 2008, his awards for sculptures and pastels total 38, including six Best of Shows, a Judges Selection, a Patrons Award, the Molly & Claude Scarbrough Award and the Best Head Study Award from the prestigious American Academy of Equine Art.

Jagoda is an elected member of the American Artists Professional League and an Associate of the American Academy of Equine Art. His work has been accepted tomany juried exhibitions, galleries and shows. He has had works accepted intofour international exhibits.

Visit Backstretch Studio at for additional information on this artist.


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